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Green Room - Week 1 - Day 3

People are always talking about the things that happen in "America".

But I would like to point out that here in 'Merica (the *real* country, with borders that extend to the end of my yard, so far...) we have had 0 mass shootings!

There are no "what can be done" situations where people pit gun control against increases in mental health funding (neither of which end up happening to any real extent anyway).

Further - in 'Merica, there is no racism.  In fact, there is only one recognized race - me.   Everyone else is a damn foreigner and a hippie - and we all know those aren't really "people".  I just build a wall to keep you out!!

'Merica is a wonderful place. It's really a shame that none of you can ever experience it.  Well, more accurately, it would be a "shame" if I had any feelings toward you at all - other than a need to kick you and tell you to get off my yard with your hula hoops and rock and/or roll....


The one thing you *can* experience though is the Week 1 topic:
and you can share your thoughts about your creative immigration process with the rest of the class in the Work Room
Tags: day 03, friends and rivals, green room, week 1

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