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Green Room - Week 1 - Day 1

Good morning Idolers!

Welcome, officially, to Friends and Rivals!

A special thank you to our friends at Zen Creative for our new look for the mini-season. Check them out for all of your graphic needs!


The sign-up sheet is going to be open until 8pm EST tonight so if you have been on the fence, now is the time to jump into the fray!


As most of you know, this season has two ways to play:  Teams or as individuals.    In other words, if you want to play the "normal Idol way" you can absolutely do it that way! If however, you want to change it up, you can form a team:

So here is a “fast break-down”:
You can compete as either a team or as individuals.  There will be two sections of the poll each week. At least one contestant from each will be eliminated.
From the individuals, it will be the usual.
From the teams – Teams can be 3-5 individuals.  You must send me a list of those members (send to  24 hours *before* the deadline for the first poll.   Yes, you can name your own teams. :D
If your team drops below 3 members, it is dissolved and all members become individuals for at least one round.  After which, they can join another team – or form a new one – as long as you notify me within 24 hours of the topic deadline.
Every member will write an entry.  Every member will be in a poll.  The scores in the team section will be averaged. The team with the lowest score will be subject to elimination… I say “subject to elimination”, but for those of you familiar with Survivor: You have lost the immunity challenge and must go to tribal council.  The person with the lowest total of votes will be elimination.  If it’s a tie – well, I have a plan for that.  You’ll see. You won’t like it. Don’t end  up with a tie.  : )

The team sections will continue until there is only one team left, OR the Top 25, whichever comes first.
If you know American football, you know about bye-weeks. If you don’t, and have never heard the term
before: You get the week off.

In terms of Idol, it’s a week where you don’t have to write anything and won’t be eliminated because of
Friends and Rivals has two bye weeks per contestant that you can take at any time between the start of the season and the Top 20!
Here’s the kicker though – Teams can elect to *pull their byes into a pool*, meaning that any member of the team can use those weeks as needed. Once the team is disbanded, the remaining byes are split between the surviving members.  If one of those members joins a new team – who elects to pool their byes, all of their byes will go into that new pool!

One thing that was introduced in Season 9 – for individuals – is the ability to give another contestant one or more of your byes. That will continue to be a thing.
In both of these cases though, once you are out of byes – and you miss a week’s topic,  you are
So try to save them for emergencies.


That was a slightly modified version of what I posted in the FAQs.
However, there are a couple more instructions:

For your team, I will need you to select ONE PERSON who is charged for speaking for your team.  And by speaking, I mean emailing the information to me.  I want to make sure that I don't have 4 or 5 different people emailing me about the same exact thing.  If you think "Maybe they will forget to tell Gary", then they are probably not the right choice.

They need to email at -  not the rocketmail address. Not on FB. Not on LJ.   (I will see them elsewhere, but I want to keep all the information in one place)

The email should include:
- Team members
- Team name (if you have one)
- If you are pooling your byes
Email me at least 24 hours before the Topic 1 deadline (Topic 1 is being posted later today)


If you are still looking for a group - post here in the Green Room. Maybe someone else is looking for one as well!


Excuse me while I go back to get some more rest.  This "strep-thing" is kicking my ass. 
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