clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,


Sit down and write 20,000 stories.  Right now.

Just do it.

How about 20,000 poems?

20,000 non-fiction pieces?

Make sure they are good enough to share in public and then submit them to a forum where folks can vote on what they like the best.

Go ahead. You can mix-and-match, they can be any combination of those things.

That's going to take you some time to complete. Don't worry, I'll wait right here until you are back.

LJ IDOL just did this.

20,000 entries have been created - have been released into the world as a result of Idol. Would they have happened anyway? Maybe. Maybe not. (I know a lot of them probably would not have been) But they didn't.

I wasn't originally thinking there would be a Week 0, so I told people to expect us to hit this mark in Week 1. But when I pushed back the sign-up deadline, I wanted something else for folks to do. But the "we will hit that!!!" never entered my mind.

Who got to be the official 20,000th entry?

That would be this one:   from voidandblank.

Congratulations, to us all!

And here's to working on 20,000 more!
Tags: 20000, entry count, friends and rivals
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