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Green Room - Week .5 - Day 1

Good morning.

I've been taking a look at the topics you've been sending in, and there are definitely some interesting trends.  (and some near duplicates. Fortunately, I asked for three and not all of them are the same!)

I think we have some really cool ones though - so hopefully there will some you will really enjoy, If not - just remember these came from your fellow contestants! ;)

Speaking of "your fellow contestants" - we have a week left for Sign Ups:

If we *don't* get to 100, I may have to change the maximum number of people allowed on a team. Just because that might shift the balance a little too much being where it is and being under 100... if we move that bar up though, I think it should be fine.

Again, thinking in terms of playability... and yes, I know that no one else cares about that. But I do so I'm rambling at you about it!


There's a .5 Topic available for those who are interested:
and yes, it's not manadatory.  But it's highly recommended - both from the sense of "you showed up to write something" as well as "it's good to get into the practice".


I was asked when people will be able to form teams. (for those who want to do that)  Honestly - as soon as you want to do it. Line them up if you want to play in one this season. Just know that if the numbers don't come in sign-up wise, I may have to shift some things around before we get started!

Once we hit Week 1, I'll let everyone know how I need to receive the information - but stuff to be thinking about:

- Who are the members of your team?
- Team name?
- Do you want an "open bye" pool for your team?
- Select a representative who will have the responsibility of getting this information to me.

I don't need any of this now. I don't *want* any of this now. But it's something to start thinking about.


NATO is calling an emergency meeting to discuss the start of LJ Idol - so make sure to get on board before the bombing begins!!
Tags: day 01, friends and rivals, green room, week .5
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