clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Sign-Up Week - Day 1

If you haven't seen it, the Sign-Up Sheet is up!
So, if you want to take part in the LJ IDOL: Friends and Rivals mini-season, you should get over there and sign up!

Looking at my stat sheet, there are 30 spots filled right now. Which means that after a few hours of being up, there are 70 spots remaining!

(A few of those spots are unfilled +1s)

7 of those people, so far, have actually completed all three steps! Thanks to those people! The rest of you, get on it!! :)


So far everyone has remembered this - but for those who don't know, if you are playing under another name (or have more than one LJ account - please let me know! Even if you think I already know, make sure I know! :D)


I just went back to the "entry count" and added that last week of the special kid's season - which means we are at 19,988 entries.   Which means we are *12 entries away* from having generated 20,000 pieces of new content!   It will be interesting to see who gets to post the 20,000th entry during Week 1!!! :D
Tags: day 01, entry count, friends and rivals, sign-up week
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