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Pre-game - Day 2

For those asking - the Sign Up sheet will be officially going up on Monday.

For those NOT asking - the Sign Up sheet is invisible and is sneaking up behind you. Right now.  Holding a machete! LOOK OUT!!!!

I'd love to put it up now. But the timing works much better with it being on Monday. I mean, I *could* put it up now... and then if we hit 100 quickly, we'd have to wait a little bit to actually get started. Or, we can roll this thing out over the course of the next couple of days and hopefully start getting the word out a bit that this thing is happening.

People have asked (not directly, but I've seen the question) about what is going to happen over the holidays.  I'd say it's a safe bet that it's the same thing that normally happens over them. The "ones where a lot of people tend to have plans" will end up having longer deadlines around them, There are also a couple of byes that you can use to keep you in the game if you don't think you can do anything then.  (and if you are on a team, you have extra resources on that front!)

People have asked if there will be a shirt with this design on it.  I'll have to talk to Zen Creative about that. Not sure what arrangements we can make. If there is enough interest, I'm sure we can figure something out.

People haven't really been asking anything about the FAQ though.  But here it is if you still have questions:

The big question I keep being asked though is "When do we send the money"? And that answer is - I'll post those details with the sign up sheet. Which may or may not be right behind you right now.  You will also be sending me *three* topic ideas.   So get thinking about those!

Ideally, I'd love to have all three of those things at once - the declaration that you are signing up. The paypal. and the topics. That way I can mark off all the checks on the list in one move rather than tracking people down for any of those things! :)  
Tags: day 02, friends and rivals, pre-game
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