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Idol Minor - Playground - Week 4 - Day 7

The final Idol Minor poll closes tonight - so make sure to get your votes in!


One of the things that has been hanging over me during this process has been that Nathalie should have been here with Siggy.

The fact that she isn't, that continues to be that unexpected knife that stabs from behind a blind corner.

There are definitely other people who "should be here" as well - one of them being my own damn fault that they aren't. But at least with those sorts of things, there are reasons. Perhaps relationships that one day will be repaired.

With Nathalie?

There's no way to change that.

She was so excited about this, and thought Siggy was going to love it. I considered reaching out to the family to see if I could get her to play, but I figured that was something left for another time.

I don't say this enough - most of the time I'm busy kicking you like hippies you are/how you "deserve to be treated".... but to take a serious moment here, I truly appreciate everyone who comes out and participates in Idol. The "regular Idol", a "special mini season", "Idol Minor" - you take the time and effort to be involved in something that means a great deal to me, which means *you* mean a great deal to me.

Thank you.

Now get off lawn!! :)
Tags: day 07, idol minor, playground, season 1, week 4
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