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Idol Minor - The Playground - Week 1 - Day 5

There is a poll up with all the new entries:

I was really impressed with the entries, and I hope everyone checking them out will be as well.


When I was typing Celena's for her (from her printed version) I told her "I'm going to type this exactly as you wrote it - including spacing and any spelling mistakes". She asked me why I would do that. It was what she wrote, as she wrote it. That's important.

Granted, she's 11. If she were younger, I would probably do a few edits. ;)

Also - that's just me! I have things going on in my head that other people don't.

It did get me curious though, where other people's heads are at with the editing. Obviously, this isn't like we're dealing with adults. Should I be "cleaning up" her work? (she certainly thinks I should be! :D) Should I not?

Where is that cut-off?

Heck, many "regular Idol" contestants have beta-readers who "clean up" their work! So is there really that big of a difference? Am I just being too difficult and need to relax a bit about it? ;)


I've had people ask me if these entries are "counting toward the Entries Written For Idol" total. Of course they are.

Current count: 19,958. 42 entries until we hit 20,000!! With enough Home Gaming over the next couple of weeks, we *could* hit it during Idol Minor!



Tags: day 05, entry count, idol minor, playground, season 1, week 1
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