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Idol Minor - Topic - Week 1

Hey everyone!

Thank you so much for signing up for our first season of "Idol Minor".

Just a few things before we get to our first "topic" of the season.

The topics are here to inspire you. What does this make you think about?

Go crazy! Have fun! That's why you write - because it's fun!

Your topic for this week is:

Far Away

Write something in your own LJ then copy and paste the link to this thread. If you need help doing that, ask your parents/guardians.

Although let's be honest, they are probably going to need your help more than you will need theirs! ;)

The deadline to link your entry back to this thread is Monday, May 18th at 8pm EDT

Have fun!

(If you haven't signed up yet, but want to do so - I am extending the deadline until Monday at 7pm

This thread is for links to the entries only. If you want to comment on anything, do so in the entries or the Playground
Tags: idol minor, season 1, topic, week 1
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