clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Green Room - Week 43 - Day 1

It's the start of our last week together.

There were results last night as well as the Final Topic of the season going up:

Yes, I did say that it was "our last week together". By this time next week - Season 9 will be a thing you can look back on. There were definitely times when it seemed like that would never happen.

What is the plan going forward?

Well, I'm going to be resting for a little bit.

I would still like to do that "Idol Jr" idea, if people are still interested/think they know someone who would be.

After that, I'll need to find someone to design the new page/maybe work with LJ designers (something that I've resisted, but maybe it's time to do that) on creating something for the next mini-season. No idea when that will start. It will probably be a few months.

So enjoy these last few Green Rooms, and these last few moments together.
Tags: day 01, green room, season 9, week 43
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