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Green Room - Week 40 - Day 3

We went to see the Harlem Globetrotters last night. I hadn't been to see them since I was a kid, so it ended up being a lot of fun.

I do remember that "back in the day" the Washington Generals were just hapless in the face of the more talented, and got-away-with-murder Globetrotters. Now, it appears they are the "bad guys" who "cheat".

Halfway through the game, Cynthia turned to me and said "I finally understand why wrestling is so popular".

People love to have a bad guy. It brings them together through having a common enemy.

Real life doesn't tend to be as cut and dried - so having a space where it *is*, a place where you can boo someone is cathartic.

Here's the thing though - the Globetrotters are cheating too. They aren't knocking anyone down. But most of what they are doing certainly isn't legal in basketball.

We come in liking them though - they are the stars. We are literally there *to see what hilarious ways they are going to bend the rules this time*.

People are like that. They come in liking who they like - and disliking others, and that colors how they see a situation. They don't always see the nuances, or understand where "the show" ends and real life begins - because real life doesn't take place in four short periods with intermissions to tell people to go to the concession stand or time outs to pull some cute kid into your routine.

Maybe it should though. Because I think more situations could be solved between choruses of "Sweet Georgia Brown".


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