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Green Room - Week 40 - Day 2

Today may be "D-Day" for the job.

Which is weird, because it feels like every other day, and I was actually joking around the HR manager in the break room earlier, who was acting like nothing was wrong.

*shrugs* Maybe it's not.

It did get me thinking though, about Idol and this job.

The first two seasons I was actually unemployed, and Idol happened via the computer in the library. I would just set times when I knew I could be there! :)

Season 3 took place at a job that I had for about two years. I believe I was laid off in the early stages of Season 4.

I quickly found a job here - and shepherded most of Season 4 from the breakroom computer - until some great friends and Idol supporters chipped in to buy me a laptop. (my apartment had wifi access from the ice cream shop downstairs)

I've been with this company since Season 4. The locations have changed, my job responsibilities have drastically changed. But I've been here.

Will today be the end of that? Will tomorrow be the start of something new? I don't know.

Change is difficult. But it's also an opportunity.

Who would have ever guessed that the guy who has spent 9 years of his life running an online writing competition *on Livejournal* would be "change-adverse". ;)


Some things aren't changing, regardless of what happens today - you have a deadline for the new topic:

and there is a link to the Home Game:
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