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Results - Week 38

Before we get to the results, I want to take a moment to thank the Champions for coming out this week!

I really enjoyed reading your work, and I know a lot of other people did as well.

Regardless of the outcome, you coming out and doing this was a victory.

Heck - anyone getting to this point in the competition should know that it's the pretty awesome accomplishment. Sure, it may suck to leave - but you still have a way of making a mark on how the competition is going to play out, via the Jury, and have the Home Game!

So, thank you to *everyone* for this week.

Now, we get to the Results. I mentioned the Jury, who every week has the responsibility of selecting someone to receive immunity/to be safe from elimination.

This week, it was close for quite some time, but the last few votes pretty much solidified it.

For Week 38, the Jury awards immunity to bleodswean~! Congratulations.

Since she was not in danger, that means that this week's results were not impacted.

Leaving us this week are two incredible writers, and awesome people -

Your Spirit of the Season kickthehobbit and the only remaining *regular season finalist* hosticle_fifer!

That's a whole lot of awesome going out in one week. I hope the rest of you are prepared to step up and fill it!
Tags: eliminations, season 9, week 38
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