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Green Room - Week 38 - Day 7

What are YOU wearing?

OR... should people ASK YOU MORE than that?

If you're not following the Oscars, or social media right now, you may have blinked and missed the sparks of a movement toward asking women on the red carpet more than "What are you wearing", to instead ask them about their craft, or challenges in the roles - you know, things that they actually do.

Of course, I've seen what doesn't seem to the "counter-argument" so much as it is "another issue" that says that those questions do still need to be continued, because the dresses, jewelry, shoes (etc) is basically a different version of the NASCAR jackets where they list their sponsors. (They are borrowing them, and they are later sold or in some cases, donated to raise money. The point being that it's basically a cross-industry commercial)

I do think that we are moving away from asking what someone is wearing (except in the creepy sense, I think we will always have that!) and I do wonder how that will impact the relationship between Hollywood and the fashion industry. I'm sure it's not going to be much... one of the people who was very outspoken about wanting to talk about craft over clothes tweeted out the credits for everyone who had given

her stuff to wear. So maybe the conversation will simply shift venues.

Which might be the "best outcome" for all of them - with those exposed to the Red Carpet events actually hearing more out of some extraordinary actresses, while at the same time, they get to control the message of how has sponsored them in a more personal manner.

Who knows though - this could be one of those things where people can look at and go "Yeah, they should be doing that" OR it could become a major battleground by the time the sun comes up?

Where do YOU stand? Do you want to hear more? Or would you rather hear less from Hollywood in general? ;)


Some people that we DON'T want to hear less from are the people involved in the poll this week:

They have entries - and so do their Champions! It's an amazing group of people who turn out to have really good taste of who they associate with. ;)

So make sure to go check it out and make your opinions be heard!
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