clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Topic - Week 38

You've sweated it out for nearly a year - maybe it's time to take a rest.

Or perhaps it's not.

That's *entirely up to you*.

There are two entries that need to be posted this week: One of them is whatever topic you have left from

Intersubjectivity, Shibusa, rapture of the deep, captcha the flag, the bystander effect, overwatch

The second one is Open Topic

Now comes the twist! You knew there was going to be a twist, right?

This is CHAMPIONS week. You only have to write one of these entries. You can take on either one.

The other is to be completed *by your champion*. (Someone who is not currently in the competition, and ideally someone who has *not* been involved in this season.), another writer who may end up holding your fate in their hands. So choose wisely!

Both entries must be linked back to this post by Thursday, Feb 19th at 9pm EST

Have fun!
Tags: season 9, topic, week 38
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