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Green Room - Week 36 - Day 4

Today was a "Fair Day" for kids in the county school system, so they have the day off. So I took it off it as well, to "do something with the family".

That was the plan at least - only to find out that the "fun things" planned for the day was going to get their nails done, checking out a dance studio and homework. I was just going to hang out anyway... but was told "Go to work".

So here I am! :)


What did YOU have planned for this week and what ended up happening instead?


Btw - we crowned our newest Spirit of LJ Idol last night:

She received a special icon, and a choice of the following powers:

- Bring someone back into the game (as of Week 37 - and yes, you can pick someone eliminated in Week 36 as well)

- Immunity for yourself, from now until the Top 5. (you can use it to save yourself once between now and the Top 5.)

- Topsy Turvy - turn the poll upside down - the person with the most votes in that week goes home

- 1 bye for yourself (or a friend) to use between now and the Top 5

- The Save. Not an immunity, but an actual save. Someone is going home - you save them. No one goes in their place

What did she choose?

She is bringing someone back into the game (starting Week 37): So welcome back lrig_rorrim!

I'm sure that's not something she was expecting to be doing next week!


There is also a poll going on: There will be a couple people who will not be around to welcome her back into the fold. Who will those be? That's up to the voters to decide!
Tags: day 04, green room, season 9, week 36
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