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Green Room - Week 36 - Day 2

Yesterday afternoon, the internet exploded with delight over OMG HARPER LEE IS RELEASING A NEW BOOK!!!

Last night, the internet reacted with horror over "OMG, Harper Lee actually didn't want this published and her sister was helping her do that, but now that her sister is as dead as that Nationwide kid, Harper Lee is being taken advantage of now that she is unable to make these decisions for herself!"

It was weird, since all of that information was in most of the early postings as well.

It was kind of like the internet, collectively, saw a headline and posted their reactions and only got around to reading the article a few hours later! :)


So what about YOU? Excited? Upset?

If she *really* didn't want it published, why does it still exist? Is it one of those things that would have normally been "found" and published once she was gone? If she honestly doesn't want it to the see the light of the day (or didn't when she was in a better state of mind) - does *that* make a difference to you?

How much control do you really have over what you create? How long does that control last? How long *should* it last?

Some people argue that it doesn't matter if they write fanfic for a world where the author has expressed a dislike for it. Others won't touch it if the author/creator doesn't approve.

Some people have bootleg Calvin and Hobbes merchandise even though Bill Watterson specifically said he didn't want any made.

Which are all wildly different things - but part of the overall question.

Follow-up: If you put aside a manuscript that you didn't like, but didn't want to get rid of - would you care if someone found it and published it after you died? (Obviously not "would you care after you were dead, but rather a "If you knew that was going to happen NOW - would you care? Would you destroy it so it couldn't happen? Or tie blinking lights around it with a sign saying READ ME!!!)


Speaking of "Read Me" - the Quick Fire Judges are busy reading. So if you have a free moment, you should check these out as well:

People are also voting on "The Spirit of LJ Idol, Season 9" award:

Both of these ballots have had a few chuckles for me - showing just how different tastes are - with ballots that almost could have been turned upside down coming in back to back! :) People look for different things, and they have different tastes, and that's what makes life so much fun/frustrating at times! :P


People are also waiting to read your entries for the main Topic:

If you still need a little help, stop by the Work Room:
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