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Green Room - Week 36 - Day 1

If you walked away from last night without a sense of breathlessness and an "OMG" look on your face - you might not be human. The results were huge and game-changing:

given how many times their names were coming up as possible winners earlier in the season.

Then again - only one person can win. I think by this point any expectations of how each week is going to go can be rolled up into a ball and thrown out.

Just write something you are happy with - that's what is all about after all. Everything else is subjective.

Well, OK, you being happy with your work is subjective as well.

It's pretty difficult to come up with something that is *actually* objective.

Except of course, this post - because it comes from me - and although I have thoughts and feelings about things, they are the most pure thoughts and feelings that have ever existed on this planet, or any other, and as such are beyond all reproach! :)


There are, of course, other things going on. Like the new topic:

and the Quick Fire:

and a Work Room to bat around ideas:

and a Spirit of Idol vote happening: It's proving to be a nice peek into where your heads are at right now. (Granted, it pretty much has, thus far, confirmed what I already knew, but it's fleshing out the picture with nuances a little more, which is nice)
Tags: day 01, green room, season 9, week 36
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