clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Spirit of LJ Idol

It's that time.

For those who have never come down this path before - a long time ago (back in Season 2) I came up with a rather simple idea - I wanted to reward someone for "embodying the spirit of LJ Idol" in abstract and specifically the season itself.

One of my earliest descriptions was "They may not win - but darn it, wouldn't it be nice if they did". :)

You can use whatever description, or criteria you like though.

Voting is open to the 11 current contestants only (they are the only ones who are eligible to be selected, and they are the only ones who are casting votes. Think of it as a "Contestant Only" vote).

Rank each other - from 1-11 (1 being "I really think they would be the best Spirit of Idol" and 11 being "Not the best fit IMO") and send that list to me at by Thursday Feb 5th at 9pm EST
Tags: season 9, spirit of lj idol, week 36
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