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Results - Week 35

Saying "I'm shocked" by the results today is one of those double-edged thing. After all - if you say "I wasn't expecting so-and-so to go" means you were expecting someone else!

I think we've covered that pretty well in the past.

But hopefully you will bear with me, and not think that I'm saying anything about anyone else, when I say that I was shocked when I hit "close poll", because I had no idea where things were going to land with that final refresh!

There was a point when it could have been just about any combination of names that I announced were going home tonight, and I think that says a lot about the people left in this competition.

We have two immunities that had a huge impact on this week. The first was from the Quick Fire, which went to kickthehobbit. But everyone knew she was safe. So the vote totals reflected that.

The other - well, we'll get to that in a bit.

Leaving us from the Redemption Tribe is the Co-Winner of Exhibit B (and quite frankly the person I thought was going to be a strong contender to win Spirit of LJ Idol for Season 9) lrig_rorrim

From the main tribe, we have another person who had their name bandied about not long ago for "one of the best shots to win" yachiru

Two completely amazing writers, who will definitely be missed - and who I hope will continue on with the Home Game and serving on the Jury that will decide immunity in these crucial final few weeks!

Speaking of the Jury vote - I mentioned that things were tight. What I *didn't* say is that at one point it was a 4-way tie for immunity.

When those final votes of the night came in - it was a 3-way tie.

Being a tie, my first instinct was "OK - do any of them *actually need it*?"

The answer was YES.

talon was vulnerable and thus receives immunity.

So the *next* person would be eliminated... except that fodschwazzle was ALSO in that 3-way tie - and I'm not going to give one person, who was tied, immunity, and put one of the others on the chopping block. So he ALSO receives immunity!

Nor will I eliminate anyone else for what the Jury clearly had a difficult time deciding on. (and even if I did, the next level up is also a tie!)

We have a Top 11.
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