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Results - Quick Fire - Week 35

It was another week where things literally came down to the votes of the final Judge to come through the door.

Before we get to the results - because, I'll be honest... I'm writing this before I even know them! (Just getting a little ahead by writing this out now, so that I can get you the results *as soon as they are delivered, piping hot!) I would like to take a moment to thank the Quick Fire Judges!

(Note: I wrote most of this on the first night! Back when I was emailed with a“Can you give me a couple more hours?” Honestly, I hope that Judge is OK, because I haven’t heard from them since then!)

As always, you did such a great job and I'm truly grateful for the time you took out of your schedules to show up and help us out!

Who were they? Glad you asked!

kittenboo isn't really someone who should need an introduction. But since I asked everyone for a blurb, she has one anyway: "For those who don't know me from Idol (I played a bunch of seasons, including this one) here are some basics... Wife to Scott Church. Mother to an 8 year old. Owner of 5 cats. I have been a children's counselor and a preschool teacher, but more recently an answerer of phones. Don't knock answering phones, I happen to enjoy it quite a bit."

She's a bit modest. She didn't "play a bunch of seasons", she's been a pretty major force in a few of them! I'm just glad that I was able to get her in to help be a force in the last part of this one as well!

I wasn’t going to identify the person who stepped up to the plate for us today - the one who broke the tie. But then it occurred to me, I didn’t want you to think that any of the other ones were the cause of the delay either! :) Which is why I can say that the person we were waiting for never showed - and I had to look around for someone to step in. I needed someone that I knew would be fair, and be able to get through everything quickly - someone who when put in a position to break the tie, the internet wouldn’t explode with “OMG - why her???” So I asked notodette.

You know her from Idol Season 8. Or as a Gatekeeper earlier this year. Or maybe you know her from other places Or her blog or maybe just as someone who is uniting America!
Seriously, just google her. She’s been up to a lot of stuff in the last year or so!

Over the years, Idol has been home to some of the most talented and quirky people on the internet. I'm proud to say that Reid Harris Cooper one of them!

From his bio: "Reid Harris Cooper is former child actor (now adult professional) and street art aficionado. He is also a photographer, visual artist, journalist, reviewer and promoter of all things culture and popculture (movies, books, comics, video games, art, food, television, and even wrestling). He runs a website at He also believes that Conjuction Junction needs to be retaught and struggles with this fact. Also, he's a sexy beast and a former LJ Idol contestant which through he previously has gained family, friends and even lovers. He is retired mostly from Livejournal, but he returns once in a blue moon yet finds Twitter and Facebook his main homes." Also of note, and I think this just goes to show where your writing can lead - "Recently I was chosen to be a reviewer for a Scholastic Arts & Writing Program for Grades 7-12. I reviewed dramatic scripts, poetry, and short fiction. In the past I was also an assistant poetry slam master alongside noted teacher/writer Taylor Mali."

Our final Judge is actually someone that I've been bugging since the Gatekeeper round. He was originally supposed to be there, but unfortunately he's a *really* busy guy. I didn't let go of the idea though, and I'm really glad that I finally was able to get him.

I celebrate his entire catalog

"Josh Wigler is a freelance entertainment writer and a host of several podcasts on Post Show Recaps. He's the co-author of The Evolution of Strategy, an audiobook series about the reality game show Survivor. He likes pizza more than people."

(Seriously, if you like Survivor - you should check out the Evolution of Strategy. It’s really good)

You should probably also know that he's close friends with Kermit (it's a couple years old, and he's done so many cool things with his career, but that still impresses me!)


Given how close the last couple weeks have been, this time I took the precaution of having them rank all of the entries in order of their preference. (saving me from having to go back to them for tie-breakers. :D)

It ended up being close between 4 of them and *super-close* between two... and in the end, it was kickthehobbit that ended up winning immunity!

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