Kithan (kithan) wrote in therealljidol,

Green Room - Week 4 Day 4

Good morning!  How is everyone today?

LJ Idol Tech Support wishes she could have taken a sick day.  (Stupid cold.)  Our fabulous host was running late this morning and asked me to post the Green Room.  Go me!

What's going on in your lives today?  I've seen a lot of buzz about the debate last night.  I didn't get to watch because I was at my other job.

What's going on in my life today?  Well, I arranged to work last night so that I could have tonight off so I can watch the Packers beat play the Cowboys tonight.  (Please, for the love of football, let them win...  please?)  I've been extra careful not to talk smack when it comes to my beloved boys in Green & Gold this year.  I don't want to run the chance of jinxing anything.  Should be a good game though!  I'm heading to a bar to watch it since it's on the NFL Network.  Cheese curds will be eaten.  Oh yes.  Cheese curds will be eaten.

That's about it for me.  I'm off to update my poll tables with the latest entries.

Speaking of entries...   post them here!  The deadline is coming up fast!  Don't make me post your name tomorrow morning.  :-)
Tags: green room, week 4

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