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Green Room - Week 35 - Day 2

With 7 out of the 13 eligible contestants competing in this week's Quick Fire it will be interesting to see how this turns out. Are these the only folks concerned about immunity this week? Are they the only ones still on their week? Is there a gamble to try to keep the people in the Redemption Tribe out of the line of fire? (which, of course, could backfire if 1 of them gets it but none of them get the other immunity from the Jury, and make it down to 2 people instead of 3)

Honestly? I think it's a little of all of those. Which is always fun when practical decisions meet strategic ones.

It is going to make the Judges's decision tonight pretty interesting though!


Btw - the next time I ask for contestants to send me their votes... remind me of today. Because regardless of how detailed the instructions I give are, there is always someone who does the impossible: Maybe they will send a detailed list breaking everything down as an attachment (and I will have to locate the relevant data from there) or a list of who they *don't* want to vote for, or a list that contains people who haven't been in the competition in weeks or sometimes it's just some strange coding or a numbering that means I can't just copy and paste from their email into my sheet and ends up causing delays.

Those are frustrating and I often rant silently to myself about them.

Today though - today is worse.

Because I was volunteered to input the initial cookies orders for a Girl Scout troop. Some of the order forms are fine. (the ones I received from parents who *emailed me* their orders were pretty much perfect. There were a couple problems, mostly math related, but overall they were good.) The parents who turned in the physical copies though... *shiver*... this is going to be "fun".

One has multiple order sheets with their name on it.

None of the rest are totaled.

Some of the others don't even have the girl's name on them.

Oh yes, give me a contestant only vote any day! :)


What things do YOU have to look forever to today?

and how are your entries for the week coming?

(if you still need a little help, there is always the Work Room:
Tags: day 02, green room, season 9, week 35
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