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Results - Week 34

You folks out there in Idol-land sure do know how to keep things interesting don't you?

As we get closer to the Top 10, I imagine that this is only going to get more intense.

The Jury convened this week to decide who to give immunity to... and once again, it was a close vote. 14 of the 15 contestants received votes. (The one who didn't? The person "at the top" of the poll this week. So the absence of votes probably had to do with a feeling that she was safe)

In the end though, they did make a decision.


We were eliminating three contestants this week.

yachiru *would* have been one of those eliminated - but she was the one the Jury selected for immunity!

Which means that those leaving this week are:

sobota and i_17bingo

Two amazing writers. One "dark horse" in this competition, who seemingly came out of nowhere to create these wonderful bite-sized pieces week after week, and the other who has grown leaps and bounds over the last couple of seasons, and finally starting to get the attention he has long deserved. (It should be pointed out that he did it all this season having only used *1* bye!)

The third person leaving us?

According to the votes - that would have been jexia, but she was given immunity during this week's Quick Fire competition!

So we go to the next lowest amount of votes - and come across A THREE-WAY TIE! This means that the Redemption Tribe will be making a return this week - and things get a little bit scarier for everyone!

Thank you to those leaving us. You were awesome, and I hope to see you in the Home Game, and casting your votes every week for the remainder of the Jury, to help shape how the rest of this season will play out!
Tags: eliminations, season 9, week 34
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