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100 Weeks

There are some things that I need to look at with the poll - and some things that *I don't*.

One of those things is "Did gratefuladdict survive?"

Of course she did. Surviving is what she does best.

She came into Idol at full tilt - and in the first couple weeks of Season 5 had an absolute blow-out. Not the "Oops" but the kind that can shuffle you off into the Home Game... heck, have it at the wrong time *these days* and you may be shuffled off the internet completely.

I mention it not because it happened - but because she managed to regain her footing *and through discussion actually gain friends, fans and the elusive *actual respect* before it was over.

She's like that.

There have been big moments. Small ones. Her at her "worst" and her at her "best".

When she came in - she was still in the shadow of her sister in a lot of ways.

Now? There are few people who shine brighter.

The path her life has taken during her time in Idol - that's the kind of thing that I love to watch. It's almost as if it were two different people. Except that folks actually got to experience it, they got to see that transition - and it was a wonderful thing.


Welcome to the 100 Club - and I can't wait to see where you are if you decide to join the 200 version. ;)
Tags: 100 weeks, gratefuladdict, season 9, week 34
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