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Green Room - Week 34 - Day 4

It's weird how excited I am about (name I've selected for the mini-season redacted)! (AKA Idol: Teams edition)

As I mentioned at the tail end of yesterday's Green Room, it's funny how it happens. It goes from off-hand suggestion to something that fully clicks in my head. If it gets mentioned on another day - maybe that doesn't happen. But something about the combination of things already on my mind and a general idea with what people were saying they wanted/didn't want from it... and something just *worked* for me!

Here's what I have so far:

A working title, with a couple variations depending on my mood
A general idea of how the site will look
How to fit in both teams and individuals
How teams would work in general
the bye system
the "main twist"

What I don't have right now is knowledge of what is happening in April (the new date for when this office's lease is up. Fortunately, I'm going to be busy with Season 9 for a little while anyway!) I also don't have the "what to do if there aren't enough people to 'pull it off'? Hopefully we don't have to answer that one!

I also don't have the excitement that needs to build up over the next few months! So hopefully YOU have that!!

Also - any questions YOU have. I probably won't be answering them - but I can at least make sure they are answered for the FAQ!

Honestly, this is the most excited I've been about an Idol project in awhile... one of those "eureka" moments! I think this could be a really cool thing. Or a trainwreck... and who can resist a trainwreck? ;)


Speaking of Season 9 - I hope that no one thinks that I've forgotten about what is *right in front of me*! It's just that I already know the twists and general concept - the only thing that is left for me to discover in it is WHO IS GOING TO WIN??? And that's definitely a mystery that is going to be intriguing to find out.

There is a poll happening right now: that is going to have a big impact on answering that question! So I hope that everyone is taking the time to get out there and support their favorites!
Tags: day 04, green room, season 9, week 34
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