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Green Room - Week 34 - Day 1

Perhaps we should start doing this in the early weeks of Idol instead of having "byes":

Seriously though - sending a bill for a kid not showing up to a birthday party seems a good way of never having kids want to show up to your parties again! Unless of course, the parent is trying to stop having to organize them in the future and/or kill their child's social life in general. In which case - well played!!


Speaking of "Well Played", there was somethings that happened last night that you may have missed:

Results from Week 33:
The new Topic:
The new Quick Fire:
and, of course, the new Work Room:


Congratulations to *THE TOP 15*!

Only 5 contestants remaining until we have the Top 10. Your odds of making it to that point are good... or are they? *insert cackling here*
Tags: day 01, entry count, green room, season 9, week 34
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