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Work Room - Week 34

You have your results from last week:
You have the topic:

and the Quick Fire:

and in that topic, we have an opening to talk about "Plot".

I googled "Plot" quote and it took me to some from Goodreads. Here are some quotes about plots that amused me:

“When all the details fit in perfectly, something is probably wrong with the story.”
― Charles Baxter, Burning Down the House: Essays on Fiction

“Character is plot, plot is character.”
― F. Scott Fitzgerald

“Story is honorable and trustworthy; plot is shifty, and best kept under house arrest.”
― Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

“Stories start in all sorts of places. Where they begin often tells the reader of what to expect as they progress. Castles often lead to dragons, country estates to deeds of deepest love (or of hate), and ambiguously presented settings usually lead to equally as ambiguous characters and plot, leaving a reader with an ambiguous feeling of disappointment. That's one of the worst kinds.”
― Rebecca McKinsey, Sydney West

“In our modern age, there are writers who have heaped scorn on the very idea of the primacy of story. I'd rather warm my hands on a sunlit ice floe than try to coax fire from the books they carve from glaciers.”
― Pat Conroy, My Reading Life

My book has no plot. Wait, yes it does—in the cemetery. It’s a love story where one character is dead, and the other is a dirty pervert.”
― Jarod Kintz, My love can only occupy one person at a time

How do YOU feel about it?
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