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Results - Week 33

Something that has come up recently is how difficult it is to predict who will be going week-to-week at this point.

There is a stat sheet going around with some overall information - but even that is unable to factor in the curves that immunity, and sometimes Real Life, is going to throw into this game!

Which is part of the excitement - the moment you think "I know what is going to happen" is usually the moment before the floor drops out from under your assumptions.

This week we had two immunities to give out. One of them was from the Quick Fire, and went to yachiru.

The other was from the Jury, the collection of recently eliminated contestants casting votes for who they wanted to see safe from this week's vote. It's always a rough decision, and this week was no exception. Of the 17 remaining contestants - 12 of them were actually in the running to receive it! In the end though, the Jury decided to give immunity to crisp_sobriety!


Which means that neither of them would be eligible to be eliminated this week. As the fate, or the will-of-the-voters would have it - that really wasn't needed anyway.

The contestants leaving us this week are:

and with a last minute (by which I mean I only found out less than a couple hours ago) sacrifice alexpgp

Thank you to both of you for such incredible entries this season - and I hope that we will continue to see you in the Home Game! If nothing else though, you made the Jury, so you will be able to help decide how this season is going to play out!
Tags: eliminations, season 9, week 33

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