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Green Room - Week 33 - Day 7

In the first few minutes of "Sleepwalk With Me", Mike Birbiglia said something that made me stop the movie, because I needed to share it. With you.

He's a stand-up comedian, so he's talking about the life that he knows. But I think it can be applied across the board for creative types.

He said that "To be a comedian, you have to be a little bit delusional".

This is true of writers. Artists. Dreamers. People who start online writing competitions with elements of their favorite reality shows.

You have to be willing to put aside the people who tell you what you *can't* do, and focus on that completely misguided voice leading you down the path that tells you that you *should*.

You have to be able to brush off rejection.

Which, damn, that's *hard to do*.

We all have those things that just stick in that vulnerable spot and don't seem to come out regardless of how hard we wiggle them.

But there is a difference with comedians and writers. One that I think often gets overlooked.

Comedians *need to perform* - they need to be out there in the spotlight, knowing that they will sometimes bomb and believing in the delusion that in the end, it's all going to be worth it.

Writers, on the other hand, they can sit alone and produce work - putting in it a trunk (real or metaphorical) never to be seen again.

They can live on their own and have people find the scraps of paper they wrote on - after their death.

Which means that there is something special inside the people who *choose to share* their work with the world. Something unique. A shared delusion that what you are doing is worth someone else reading.

That's beautiful.

Keep being delusional.

Keeping dreaming.


There is a poll going on right now - with people believing that they can get to the next stage of Idol. Some of them are right. Some are wrong. Help decide who will be in which group:
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