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Green Room - Week 33 - Day 2

We have the new topic: (due tomorrow night)
We have a Work Room to help people work things out with that topic:
We have people waiting for results from the Quick Fire: (that link contains where to read the actual entries. Some good stuff in there to check out)
and of course you have me, right here, thinking about things.

Because something was said yesterday that stuck with me over the course of the night, and of course, being me, it morphed into previous discussions. So it went from "You are concerned about the branding to Idol" to the "Things aren't the same as they used to be with Idol" and into a whole different thing altogether.

One of the responses I made yesterday was about how I throw things against the wall and see how they do. I was going to make more examples in that thread, but I thought "this would be better as it's own post" - and of course, since it was afternoon at the time, things went in different directions in my head by the time I was ready to write this morning! :)

This certainly isn't all of the changes. Probably not even the most important ones. But definitely the ones that I thought were kind of funny, and I think shows my thought process, which isn't something that I always share.

Keeping in mind that (1) it's been a learning process and (2) the first season was 9 people - 8 of them were friends of mine. Season 2 was 24 people. Season 3 was when it exploded to 75! (and so on)

Seasons 1-3 - we didn't have "byes". If you missed a deadline, you were put in a poll and *those* were the folks who were subject to elimination. If you wrote something that week, I didn't want to punish you by getting rid of you. I also didn't want folks to be punished if they had a bad week and couldn't get something in. People are busy, and sometimes have other priorities. I wanted to be fair to everyone. :)

This, of course, upset quite a few people who didn't want "people to be able to coast" and "wanted regular eliminations!" So I came up with something to allow people to take time off when they needed it, but also continue eliminations.

I actually just deleted about 4 paragraphs on other stuff because I realized I was completely rambling!

Sure I said there was going to be more, but maybe I'll do that in the comments instead. I need to actually get some work done. :D

The point being that the game changes. Sometimes it "evolves". Sometimes there are sidetracks that don't do as well. But the game in Season 1-2 wouldn't be something that could exist in Season 9, and Season 9 Idol wouldn't be what Season 2 needed - and that's a good thing.
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