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Green Room - Week 33 - Day 1

Greetings from mid-Jan.

Yes, while you weren't looking, we are already almost halfway through this month!

My Mom's birthday is on the 20th and she reminded me that was next week - I thought I still had a couple weeks... but nope! This year is already started out being tricky with time!

Time is getting tricky on you as well - there is a QUICK FIRE due tonight:

Sure, it's optional - but (1) immunity has been coming in really handy lately, especially as the numbers dwindle and (2) it's a chance to write something else. That's why you are here, right? You want to write things!

It's due right after Agent Carter ends, so make sure you get done before that show starts - since I know everyone in the world is watching that! ;)

After last night's eliminations:

We stand at THE TOP 17.

Which means there is a new topic:
A new Work Room:

and a heightened sense of "I can win this".

YOU CAN. One of you WILL.

This year-long odyssey is coming to an end, and we are going to have a winner.

But the question remains - how do you want to do that?

My email lately has had two main complaints in it. They are the same two complaints -
(1) People getting in after the deadline. (the policy has always been "If you get the entry up before I hit "post", you are good.) and (2) People voting for only one person. (the policy has always been - I can't tell you who to vote for, I can encourage you, but I can't tell you)

The first I *can* control by freezing the topic thread. I don't want to do that. Because I want to *encourage people to write*. That's kind of the point to all of this.

Being overly strict may suit some people, but I'll be frank here - if I were as strict as some people would like, we wouldn't be celebrating our 9th season. The place would have been gone years ago. You have to know which fights are worth going to the mat for, and which are not. I trust the regular voters, who seem to follow what happens in that thread to be able to decide if they want to "put up with it" or not. Given If folks *don't like* someone sliding under that gate - the solution has always been *don't vote for them*.

The second issue has been one that I've taken to Livejournal directly, to see if there was a way to restrict a poll so that people *had* to vote for at least two contestants in each poll.

There is not. They told me that there is no way for it to be done on either end. (for me to pull it together or for them to set something up)

Now if someone knows a clever bit of coding they want to email me that would solve this - feel free to email me.

Until then - the only solutions are: ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO VOTE. Encourage them to read all of the entries and vote for *all* of their favorites. Not just you. Not just their friend. If they read entries, they are going to want to support a lot of them.

Granted, as we get closer to the end, you are probably going to see more and more people make up their minds about who they want to win, and cast votes accordingly. After all - only one person is going to walk away winning this thing! But then again, do you *want* someone to win who isn't encouraging people to read everyone else's work? ;)

The other solution is for me to say "EVERYONE MUST VOTE FOR AT LEAST TWO PEOPLE" and throw out votes from everyone who doesn't do that. Now, keep in mind that I can't actually *delete the votes*. I would have to go through and say "Yeah, contestant X - you thought you survived this week because you had 5 more votes... but 6 of those were people supporting only you, so you are gone".... votes that would be sight-unseen and basically punishing people for *having support*.
I'm not doing that. Doing that would be completely counter-productive and the "Gary is cheating" cries when someone is voted out that way would be annoying *at best*. We *want* people to come out and vote. Even if they start out voting for one person - curiosity tends to get the better of people and you start seeing them checking out other entries as well.

It's one more reason for you to comment on each other's entries. Maybe that person who really wants Contestant Y to win will see your comment and think "They seem cool. I should check out their entry too" and pretty soon they start voting for two people every week...

I know, it's late in the game for that. But I've *seen it happen* this season. I see it happen every season. This isn't theory. It's fact.

Does it happen in every case? Of course not. But I know we've gained some really loyal followers over the years who came in because their buddy was playing and they got curious about what this was all about.

The best way to get people interested in Idol is having Idol be doing interesting things and everyone on the same page that we want *more* people coming in to read - and figuring out ways to do that.

That's where you come in. Because you are the ones wanting more people to read your work. How can you do that? How can you get the exposure you want, while at the same time spreading the word about other people's work that they also might enjoy? (and knowing that they are doing the same thing, so that it will end up benefiting you as well! :D)
It's late in the game to be having these discussions, but this is also the time when people's heads start to fracture a bit - coming up with reasons why it's OK that they didn't win due to some "outside circumstance" or "unfair thing", so let's go ahead and address them now! :)
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