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Results - Week 32

The results this week may require a flow chart. But hopefully not a very intense one.

At any rate, I will explain things step by step as we go.

There were *two* sacrifices this week. Most people knew about them in advance, but in case you didn't - we lost alephz and rattsu who violate the rule that there is only supposed to be a limited amount of talent in one relationship. ;)

Since we were losing four people total, two from each poll - I took one of them from one poll and the other from the second - so that the polls would lose only 1 more person each.

As you know, there are TWO ways to get immunity these days - there is the Jury and there is participating in the Killing Floor. KF activity was *severely* limited this week, and no one qualified to cast a vote. Which means that no one was eligible.

You can only receive immunity *once* (from each body of voters) - and that fact ended up coming into play this week, because the voting from the Jury was *tight*. BY ONE VOTE they ended up giving it to someone who had it from the KF before, but never from the jury... and absolutely saved them. Fortunately, the person with the second most votes was actually safe this week anyway. So it worked out. Well, except for the person leaving us....

The contestant WHO RECEIVED IMMUNITY FROM THE JURY of their peers this week was: swirlsofblue! Congratulations.

All of this means that the two people leaving us this week are:

Two remarkably talented people who have put out incredible work this season. I hope that we will be seeing them in the Home Game, and I *know* that I will dealing with them as members of the Jury, helping to shape how this season is going to end!
Tags: eliminations, season 9, week 32
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