clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Green Room - Week 32 - Day 6

*Tap Tap Tap*

Is this thing on?

I knew it was risky to have a break at this point in the competition, but I also knew that you would need it in order to "live your lives" over the holidays. I think this proves that I should never, ever let you have lives!

From now on - everyone wanting a life will have to get a signed permission slip! ;)

So what have you been up to and why should you be given permission to continue it? ;)

(OR, what do you want me to *deny permission* to, so you don't have to do it anymore?)

Your topics:
Your Work Room:
Your Home Game/Killing Floor:
and of course your shame:
Tags: day 06, green room, season 9, week 32
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