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Week 4 Topic

While we are waiting for the run-off results, the rest of you will be getting started with the NEW TOPIC.

I've said elsewhere that it would be a hated one, even though I happen to LOVE it. I've also said that it replaces a hated topic. These are all true statements.

"Open Topic" is being shelved until at least the Top 100. . . in it's place is this glorious variation!!

Pay attention because there are some moving parts on this and I don't want anyone to get confused.

The topic is CURRENT EVENTS.

Which is completely vague. However, here is what I mean for this topic: I want you to go to a news feed of some sort. You're online, I'm sure you come across news of some sort in your travels. Maybe an online newspaper, maybe when you log into your email in some some of feed.

I'd LOVE it to be a local story, but I'm not going to enforce that. It can be any subject, as long as it's something going on in the world around you right now. (in the last few days, you can use your own judgment on that.)

Post a link to the story you find somewhere in your post. But here's the important part: Write an entry about your feelings on this news story. How does it connect to you? Why should other people care? Why does this matter?

Becoming the next LJ IDOL means that (1) you can write about just about anything and make it something worth reading and (2) you have a reasonably informed idea of what is going on in the world around you. You have an opinion and are not afraid to let people know what that opinion might be.

So go for it. Read the news. Find the story that appeals the most to YOU, and write about it!!!

Then come back here and post the link to your entry here by the deadline of Friday November 30 at noon EST.

Have fun!!!
I know I will!!!
Tags: topic, week 4

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