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Green Room - Break Week - Day 12

Your break is coming to an end soon! (for that matter, so is your year!)

Be ready, because we are going to hit the ground running and not really let up until this thing is over!

Until then, have some FREE TOPICS: to keep you in practice!

In "Gary does a commercial" news: TODAY IS THE LAST DAY for the original run of the LJ Idol shirts: So if you want one of those, once today is over, that window is closed.

There *is* an alternate version of the shirt that will be available for 7 more days - but it's not looking like that will actually reach it's goal. (and yes, there is a Purple Hoodie)

One other piece of news - as I said I would be doing, I am in the process of updating the Patreon page to reflect us moving forward passed Season 8. I've added a "Mini-Season" option where anyone coming in at the $5 level will get an automatic spot +1 (that they can give to a friend). So if becoming a Patron was on your New Year's Resolutions, it's definitely a good time to do it!


What was the most unexpected GOOD thing to happen to you in 2014? (other than me. That's the obvious one!)
Tags: break week, day 12, green room, season 9
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