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Green Room - Break Week - Day 8

Good morning Idolers!

For Christmas, I lost my voice - but not my ability to post! :)

What did YOU receive?

Heck, even if you don't celebrate Christmas, what have you received recently that you are especially excited about?

Cynthia bought me a new Chromebook.

Which... yeah, I definitely wasn't expecting that. Although, looking back, her comments about how I needed to get a new computer because the old one was *literally* falling apart should have been a clue. (There were a couple keys missing - thanks cats!! and it would frequently freeze up to the point that I had to remove the battery and reboot)

I've *never* owned a new computer before.

Every previous computer has been passed down from a friend - or in the case of the last one, it was a refurbished one. (Which was *awesome*, and I'll never forget the people responsible for giving that to me.) So this is all new territory. I also have to figure the ins and outs of a Chromebook. (I'll be keeping the other one as well, as backup - which is a luxury I could have never imagined having)


Not sure if Santa got you any Free Topics: But I sure did!

If Santa didn't get you an LJ Idol shirts - now might be a good time to get them! The original is only available for 4 more days (Dec 30)! and the variant only has 11!

and of course, if you are doing any "after Christmas sales" on Amazon - click through here first!
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