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Results – Week 31

The dates results blindsided me almost as badly as my Internet provider did! Apparently, they cannot fix it remotely and need to send out a technician. Which means nothing can be done until Tuesday!

So I am using my phone. Which means I will be brief, and give you the topic information tomorrow, as well as a couple special announcements!

The only announcements I have now all about immunity and elimination. So, a little good and a little bad news.

The good news first - The jury gives immunity to halfshellvenus!

The killing floor gives immunity to swirlsofblue

Congratulations to you both!

However that does have repercussions in the poll, and it means we are saying goodbye to

the_lettersea and tsuki_no_bara.

Those are difficult losses to take, but aren't they all?

They will become a part of the jury, responsible for giving immunity in future weeks, And I hope we will see them in the home game!

Thank you for helping make this season awesome!
Tags: eliminations, season 9, week 31
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