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Green Room - Week 31 - Day 7

There is a poll that closes tonight:
There is a Killing Floor/Home Game that is going on, where people who are contributing are going to be able to give someone immunity!

There is also the Jury who will be able to give someone else immunity!

With the votes as close as they are currently, and have been for the duration of the poll - I think it's safe to say that *no one* should be feeling entirely comfortable right now!

If you want to make the case for why your favorites should stick around - and what is so awesome about what they did this week, this would be a good time to do it!


There is also something on my mind today, and it's about the Topics from the season.

I honestly can't recall if I did end up explaining them or kicking the can until the end of the season. But I was just looking at the list this morning and thought "You know - I should probably talk a little more about that". :)

During the last part of Season 8 and through the Exhibits, I was watching the "Idol Friends" feed. Which contains everyone who has LJ Idol on their friends list and their public posts. (Unless I personally am friends with you) I usually check it out, just to see what is going on.

The question of "Where did some of these weird ass/stupid/horrible/insert negative word here topics come from?" They came from *things Idol contestants and followers were TALKING ABOUT during that time period.* Things that I thought "Hmmm - that's interesting." or "I can relate that to *my own experience* through the duration of Idol."

So yeah, the topics this season have been extremely personal. Not just MY journey throughout the years being reflected, but literally taken directly *from you*!

Which is part of what was so frustrating about the response to them. You were talking about each other! (as well as, again, my reflections of my own journey)

The Muppet Show is a collection of diverse and completely wacky characters - all doing their own thing - coming together under the direction of one determined and often stressed out frog who just wants to put on a good show. Which definitely has a connection to what goes on here at Idol! Which Muppet are you?
Tags: day 07, green room, week 31
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