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Vote - Week 30

A few words from clauderainsrm:

This week was all about the choices we make: YOU had to choose between picking one of your “Favorite” entries and writing a brand new piece with the topic “Critical Hit”.

Some decided on one route. Others took a different one.

But that’s what is so great about making choices isn’t it? It’s the Choose Your Own Adventure book of life. You make it, and then you just keep going as one choice leads you into the next one.

You made yours.

One of you actually made the choice to sacrifice this week. Which is unfortunate. But I know Real Life has a way of doing that to people.

It’s a shame though, she’s going to miss the fun.

Last week was “Gauntlet”.
You didn’t really think THAT was the full gauntlet you had to run did you?

You didn’t think you were nice and safe this week? That the monsters weren’t still out to get you?

Because they most definitely are.

You had to post two pieces this week. One of them in the Topic thread and the other in the Killing Floor. People asked me questions about that second one - and now I can answer: No. Immunity isn’t an option this week.

And no, those aren’t going to be a poll.

Why did I have you post them there? A distraction. Misdirection.

To get you looking one way so you missed what that was coming from the other direction.

Also - doing constructive criticism on those pieces will keep you busy.

Because THE GATEKEEPERS are here.

Who are they? A hand-selected group of people I trust to give me honest and candid opinions - I put your fate - and my game - in their hands for a few days, and they send me their votes, I tally them (much like a Contestant Only vote) and then I announce their collective results.

How many people are we losing? 8-12. (depending on where the vote-break ends up being) Pretty sure that qualifies as a "critical hit"

They have until THURSDAY AT 8pm EST to send their votes.

Good luck to all of you.
Tags: season 9, voting, week 30
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