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Green Room - Week 30 - Day 2

People have been upset about all of the recent eliminations - and to show that we *have heard you*, we have taken this information to a grand jury. I am confident that they will give a fair hearing to see if charges should be brought against me.

Stay tuned.

Oh wait... they're back already?

No charges are going to be filed. Sorry guys, better luck next time!


As for the things that will directly impact your life in the coming days - there is a lot going on here at LJ Idol! Which - does anything more directly impact your life than that? Nope. Those "family" and "friends" are distracting you from what is truly important - fear of being eliminated!!!

The topic is up: with a twist. So make sure you read it.

Part of that twist involves the Home Game/Killing Floor:

None of the twist involves the Work Room, but it's always a good place to stick your head in and see what is going through other people's minds at the moment when it comes to writing and general process:


Look for some site adjustments over the next week. Nothing dramatic, just a few cool new toys. Our Friendly Neighborhood LJ Overlords are in the building, so look presentable! :)

(Note: actually everyone that I've dealt with so far from LJ and SUP have been really nice and helpful. But I can't let a good "LJ Overlords" opportunity go to waste!)

As of Week 29, the entry count is 19,686. Getting closer...
Tags: day 02, entry count, green room, season 9, week 30

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