clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,


Unfortunately this week we say goodbye to camarilla_girl who used up her two byes in weeks 1 (missed) and 2 (declared) and then missed this week) with no margin of error.

Hopefully she's ok wherever she is!!

There are a growing number of folks with 1 or even 0 byes left. So make sure this doesn't end up being you!!

(*just noticed that she posted an entry after poll was up... I've tried to take entries right up until the moment kithan hits send. Unfortunately once the poll is up, we can't change it without scrapping the poll. . . which means this stands as much as I wish I could bend things enough so that it wasn't so. Glad to see that she's ok though. I always worry when I don't hear from people.)

Edit to add Sorry. I should have included two more names to this list.

I was in a hurry and didn't double check.

echoes_of_dream and
spherissa have also been eliminated due to using their last bye and missing the deadline.

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