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Green Room - Week 29 - Day 7

You know what sucks the most about (insert the name of an Idol contestant here)?

I have no idea. I'm just trying to get you started on something. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Give me your food, and assistance and I will eventually slaughter you! I'm a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to celebrating the holidays! :)

You, on the other hand, have a different set of traditions - you come here, to your Idol family to celebrate. Which makes you the best of the best! Unlike those people with "lives" and "families who care about them", you cling tightly to the random grouping of folks on the internet! Good for you! I'm glad to see some people have PRIORITIES!

Speaking of "priorities" - the poll is currently up. It's both a public poll as well as a Contestant Only email vote. So make sure to get your votes in - It's a great way of saying "Thanks" to the writers who have brought you so much joy over the course of the season.

Also - the Home Game/Killing Floor is happening: So you still have time to get involved with that.

Yesterday I talked about the emails that I had gotten over the last 24 hours. Today I'm going to mention the questions from a couple other emails from a few weeks back. I held off on them until now because of the whole "Giving Thanks" thing, combined with Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

Taking the comments, throwing together a few different emails and trying to make them more general - the theme was "How to Give to Idol".

Now, before I get into this I need to give the usual disclaimer of "Positive and active participation in Idol is giving back to it." But there are always people who want to go beyond that - and I'm certainly not going to stop them. ;)

There are various things you can do. We have an AMAZON STORE: I've updated some of the newest Idol-related releases. (I'm sure there are more that I need to add though. Just send me a reminder!) Even if there isn't anything from the store that you want, if you click through that link to go to Amazon, we still get a little something. Which is great, since you literally just have to click a few more buttons before making the purchase you were going to make anyway - and end up helping out!

If you are someone who likes the idea of making a monthly donation to the cause - that's what Patreon is there for - It's the only exception to the rule of "Giving Back DOESN'T help you in Idol". That's because there are incentives. The biggest one is having one of your topics used!

One question that was asked was "Is there a way to make a ONE TIME donation"? Absolutely. That would be Paypal.

(There are some other options as well - I can provide those upon request. :D)

As for the usual question of "where does the money go?" The old answer was "to the wedding fund". The new answer is "to get out of debt to my ex-landlords, and others - so that I can start putting money back into the wedding fund". :)


Anyway - enough of that - WHAT ARE YOU THANKFUL FOR?

Or, taking a page from what some of you were talking about yesterday - make up something that you are thankful for! :)
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