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Green Room - Week 29 - Day 4

It's Thanksgiving week - that is, the *real* Thanksgiving, not whatever one the "Canadians" and "other foreigners" might be celebrating.

Which may seem strange that an one day event is celebrated all week. But then again, "Christmas season" has been being celebrated since before the Halloween decorations were down. So it's all relative.

According to the memes, Thanksgiving is a time to come together and give thanks for what you have. It is also a time to reflect on the genocide committed against the Native People. And yet, if you try to combine them, to ask what genocide folks are the most thankful for - that's when people get "upset" and "yell" while "throwing things at you".

Go figure. Some people just can't appreciate being efficient. ;)


What people CAN appreciate though, is that we have a topic that is due tomorrow!

There *are no more byes*, so hopefully everyone will be able to make it to the mat in time!

If you still need a little help, there is the Work Room:

and of course, if you are no longer a current contestant - or you want to read and give some constructive criticism, there is the Home Game/Killing Floor:

Those are things that are *both* genocide-related AND something people are thankful for having! See, it can be done!
Tags: day 04, green room, season 9, week 29

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