clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Home Game/Killing Floor - Week 29

Welcome to the Home Game/Killing Floor.

This is the thread to post your entries if you are not a current contestant. That's the "Home Game" element.

The Killing Floor is where other people come in and often constructive criticism on your piece, to give you the feedback to help make it even better.

Hopefully, combining them will give folks more incentive to take part.

However, if that's not enough - there is one more twist. Anyone posting two (or more) pieces of constructive criticism in this thread (or one entry and a piece of constructive criticism for someone else) is eligible to CAST A VOTE TO DETERMINE WHO RECEIVES IMMUNITY IN THIS WEEK'S POLL.

Which, as you know, can be huge.

The topic this week is "Gauntlet". Although really Home Game entries can be anything you want folks to look at! :)

The deadline to be eligible to cast a vote is one hour before the poll closes. Just send me an email with your Top 4 choices.

In the meantime - get to writing, and commenting!
Tags: home game, killing floor, season 9, week 29

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