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Green Room - Week 28 - Day 7

I was starting to write today's Green Room when I noticed that I had a message in my LJ inbox.

After some of the messages I've been receiving lately, I was a bit on the "Oh no, what's going on NOW" about it. But I decided to check it out first.

You know, just in case it was something that wanted to address.

As it turns out - it was.

But not in the way I was fearing.

It was from someone who had found their way to Idol, and back to Livejournal in general, via a friend's suggestion that she check out the quality of writing and the community we have here.

It's one thing to *know* and be able to see it happening, over the course of weeks. But those emails always manage to make my day better.

So keep up the good work everyone!

Speaking of "keeping up the good work" - there is a poll happening right now!

It closes *tonight* and based on the vote totals from the past couple of weeks vs what have been cast so far, and factoring in how many people usually wait until the last day to cast their final ballots - there is currently *no one* who is "safe". (a couple "unlikely" but still within that average vote margin)

Which means that if there is someone who has written something you want people to check out - now is the time to tell them about it! Make the case for why folks need to read this (or re-read it) NOW!
Tags: day 07, green room, season 9, week 28
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