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Green Room - Week 27 - Day 4

I have something in my eye.

I'm not just saying that because of the horrible news from this weekend:

Or that there was an arrest in what has been confirmed to be a murder of the granddaughter of Shay (not tagging her, but long-time Idol contestants know who I'm talking about)

Or the death of Sammy Jo's brother.

Or the wife of Cynthia's co-worker suffering from depression who jumped off the roof of a hospital.

Or a couple other recent deaths of acquaintances (friends of friends) - all of which occurred with a week or so of the first anniversary of the death of my former mother-in-law (who, for a time during my first marriage, was there for me more than my actual Mom)

No, it's not for those reasons.

I went out to get some aggression out yesterday afternoon and did some tree trimming - and ended up getting something in my eye. Literally.

I've been able to flush most of it out. But either there is still something in there, or something is scratched. Either way, it's really annoying and makes me really glad that I pushed back the poll, because it would be difficult for me to be able to ensure accuracy

The new deadline is NEXT MONDAY, so I fully expect everyone will have enough time to get to the starting line. If you are having trouble, there is a Work Room to bounce ideas in:

and while you are waiting, I posted a special Home Game thread. EVERYONE can participate in it: After all, it's about Luna's favorite activity - killing me! How can you *not* want to do that??!

One thing that I have seen a lot of is "I didn't really know her", which makes me sad - not just because I think you've missed out on someone really special, but also because Idol has always been a family, and I think that the more people move away from interacting with each other, the weaker that bond has become between contestants. I think the Exhibits helped strengthen that sense of togetherness in some, but it feels like it's still not what it "should" be... then again, people are going to get the experience they want from this. I can't force you to become friends with everyone else! (well, I can... but that's using my brainwashing powers - and I'm already using them for other purposes in your lives. ;) )

I think this is good opportunity to not only tell people you love them - but to also reach out to folks, tell them how much their work has meant to you, and maybe get to know them a little better in the process.
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