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Green Room - Week 26 - Day 6

I keep forgetting to mention this, but this week is "Asexual Awareness Week". So - go hug an asexual. Just track them down, stop them on the street in front of wherever it is that they are going, and give them a hug and say "I am aware of you and your struggles".

Note: This may not be a "good idea" and may get you "arrested". But it would be funny, for me. Which is why you do all the things you do.


Speaking of "the things you do", a couple people pointed out yesterday that we started in March. Which means that it's time for something that most veterans have seen, but perhaps have never processed - and that newbies need to know about.

I warned you ahead of time that 6 months is a point where things tend to get crazy. People break down under the stress and there are drops/freak outs.

Knowing about it ahead of time seemed to keep it relatively contained. (for the most part)

So you should know that the next time that tends to be happen is at 8 months.

I said at the beginning (of all things) that this is a marathon, not a sprint.

The people that are still standing are the ones who have been able to embrace that idea. Heck, there were some that have fallen over the previous months who embraced it, but real life ended up getting them anyway! So it's not a life-proof philosophy. But it helps!

So just go into the next month of Idol knowing that you probably won't survive it. Write and submit your entries as early as you can - so that you don't get caught with a last minute real life situation that stops you from you doing it. Mostly though, have fun writing.

I won't say "that's what it is about", because "what is about" is keeping *me* entertained. But if you want to pretend it's about you writing, go right ahead!

Speaking of the writing - we have a couple polls going on right now. Last Chance is determining who will, and will not, move forward: and the main competition itself:
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