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Vote - Last Chance Idol, Week 5

A few words from clauderainsrm:

It’s the final hurrah for Last Chance Idol. The hill to get back into the competition has been a high one to climb, and every week the incline has increased a little bit.

Unfortunately, there were three contestants who slid back down in the process, defeated by the forces of “Real Life”. Which means they are leaving us right on the edge of their shot at moving back up.

They are: furzicle, fourth_horseman and itsjustc

It’s only three names, but it’s a lot of talent that we are losing. I hope that we will be seeing them in the Home Game!

Because of that though, I’ve decided to be more generous than I was planning on being.

Of the remaining five contestants - the three with the highest amount of votes will go through to the main competition, and the bottom two will be eliminated!

I gave the contestants in Last Chance an “Open Topic”, which means what they came up with was entirely in their own hands and that they should have brought their A-game, knowing what the stakes were. Hopefully they did! :)

Who did the best? That is up to you, the voters, to decide!

The poll closes Thursday, Oct 30th at 10pm EDT

Good luck to everyone!

Poll #1987185 LJ Idol, Season Nine, Last Chance Idol - Week 5
This poll is closed.

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