clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

An offer (re: gift byes)

I posted this in today's Green Room, but just in case people missed it:

m going to channel this season's Jeff Probst who has been doing something interesting.

He's been negotiating. Or at least hearing people out in negotiations.

So I'll tell you what - gift byes are gone. BUT I'm going to allow them to come back - because someone specifically asked - under these conditions: Two for One.

Two byes from someone else (or 1 from 2 people, which is more likely) will equal one gift bye that can be given to someone in need. This offer is on the table from now until the Top 50.

It puts two other contestants on the line. But it's their choice to do it. Which introduces a new wrinkle into things... if people *really* want to see someone continue, enough to put themselves on the hot seat... well, we will see what happens.
Tags: byes, season 9, week 26
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